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Basically I wrote the song specifically for the movie, it wasn’t something that I had to draft up previously. I reread the books, and I just wanted to tap into everything that Katniss is feeling in that film and what’s the crazy stuff that goes on. One of the things that happened in the book which to me felt like this crazy turning point was her best friend Peeta tries to kill her, he’s been brainwashed and tries to strangle her. It just felt like something so irreparable and something that the characters couldn’t turn back from. I felt like Katniss was like ‘okay, I’m taking names. I’m coming for blood. You don’t do these types of things to my friends and family and get away with it.’ I just wanted to make something kind of dark and haunting.

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i’m a princess cut from marble, smoother than a storm

and the scars that mark my body, they’re silver and gold

my blood is a flood

of rubies, precious stones

it keeps my veins hot

the fire’s found a home in me

i move through town i’m quiet like a fight

and my necklace is of rope, i…



i’m sitting up in bed, moving through desert halfway between utah and las vegas. yesterday was our ninth show in eleven days. every night, after i play, and say hi, and take pictures, and i walk up the stairs and we go on our way, i set up in this little bed office. i work from midnight until…


Hey lordemusic & taylorswift! We know how much you love paper dolls, so we made you your very own set » 


gosh, this is honestly quite amazing, lorde likes my lizard! 

lordemusic I told poncho that you reblogged her video and she just looked up into the sunlight and ignored me heheh


This is DOPE

the monarchy

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If I hear you victim blaming Hannah Graham, I officially give you notice that I’m liable to punch you in the face. Victim blaming is a huge issue with rape culture and apparently a huge issue in missing girl cases. Saying “Well look at what she was wearing!” is like saying “Well she wore revealing…


PLEASE reblog. Time is of the essence in finding this young woman alive. Virginia and possibly Louisville people (there was a football game that day) call if you have ANY information.


Jesse Matthew, Jr. is now officially wanted for abduction with intent to defile in the disappearance of Hannah Graham.

He has contacts in VA, MD, NY, PA, and DC, and was last seen fleeing at a high rate of speed in a ‘97 light blue Nissan Sentra with Virginia tags (VAC4575).

MISSING Hannah Elizabeth Graham

a girl from my town has gone missing. please reblog to spread awareness of her disappearance. if you know anything, please call the numbers in the link.


she is a gift to this world

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